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I´m Franz, the founder of the brand "Your Parrot". Birds have been my passion since childhood. It started with budgies and other Australians.

Who is behind all this?

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Once Upon a time...


Birdfood at it´s finest! Passion & experience are just some of the ingredients of our products. We are a Start-Up with the aim of revolutionize birdfood.


the beginning of a


Driven by curiosity and the love of animals, I decided in 2005 to breed exotic birds professionally. Starting with the world-famous budgerigars and parrot species that were rarely kept at that time.

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A few years later, after traveling the continent of Australia for months observing parrots & parakeets and studying their diet, I realized one thing. The countless mixtures of fatty seeds that we feed, do not really match the original composition of the diet of many parrots.

the birds



time for


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Dry seed mixes alone are not a solution. In order to provide birds with the best possible care, a wide range of vitamins and minerals are required, which must be added on a daily basis. Since hardly anyone knows this and it's not exactly easy to supplement the range of vitamins, minerals & amino acids in the exact amount, I had to do something...

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the right


Our collaboration with the most experienced breeders & researchers around the world has made it possible to produce a complete feed that is ideal for parrots and parakeets, because the aviculturist saw the benefits too. Our extruded pellets are made in Europe and we source more than 60% of our ingredients locally.



There was only one more step to take... a taste test of our and many other parrots. The first bowl (and every other bowl since then) was happily eaten. Best of all, the shiny feathers are stunning & the foraging pellets show balanced parrots. A practical side effect for the owner: 100% feed conversion with no leftovers.


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