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​Hand feeding formula that follows nature's example!

The only formula with fruits, vegetables and berries.

Species-specific recipes

from day 1 to independence

with fruits, berries and vegetables

no water separation in formula

no synthetic preservatives

no synthetic colours

without the addition of bakery products

without dairy products

no added sugar


Our unique composition on the market

Our hand feeding formulas are designed following the pattern of our effective and globally tested Vital Pellets, which have shown very good growth in fledglings through the feeding of adult birds. The recipes we have developed are unique on the market because they go beyond the essential nutrient requirements and also incorporate an innovative mix of fruits, berries, and vegetables. The inclusion of natural ingredients offers a wider range of vitamins and antioxidants that are crucial for the well-being and support of the immune system of growing birds.

The characteristic species-specific recipes contain a balanced mixture of fruits such as papaya and bananas, which are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber; berries like blueberries and juniper berries, known for their high content of antioxidants; and vegetables like the carrot, which provides essential beta-carotene. These components mimic the diverse diet that many birds would encounter in the wild, and can promote better feeding responses and digestive health than traditional hand-rearing formulas that use bakery products as a base.

No uniform mash!
We have developed species-specific recipes.

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Protein Boost.
An all-rounder in raising your valuable chicks.


for amazon parrots, parakeets, conures, 
cockatoos and lovebirds

for every age of chick

low fat content

with fine fruits & berries


Pro Energy.
The variant with higher fat content.

for African Grey's, Eclectus, Blue & Gold Macaws, Caiques 

higher fat content

with fine peanut oil

with brewers yeast and probiotics

with papaya and other fruits & berries

Super Fat.
The variant for the special birds.

for hyacinth macaws, palm cockatoos, golden conures, green winged macaws, military macaws

24,9 % fat content

high level of walnuts & peanuts

with coconut & probiotics

with fruits, berries & vegetables


Our feeding recommendation.

Handfeeding formulas

Prepare our hand feeding formula by mixing the powder with pre-boiled, warm water according to the chart below. Allow mixture to stand for one minute to absorb all the water. Remix, and feed at a temperature of 38-40°C with a spoon, syringe or crop tube. Prepare food fresh each meal and thoroughly clean utensils between feeds.

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Useful advices:

The correct temperature of the hand feeding formula:

Try feeding the hand-rearing formula at 40 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, chicks accept the formula best. A cooled down feed will be rejected, and the young birds will hardly swallow the feed unless they are fed with a syringe or crop tube, as they have little control over their own food intake. If the formula is too hot, it will burn the mouth area, as well as the crop. If you heat the food in the microwave, keep in mind that extremely hot spots can develop and that the formula temperature will continue to rise after taking it out of the microwave. The ideal preparation method is to bring water boil using a conventional pot or even the microwave, mix the heated water with the formula, and then stir the preparation until the desired temperature and consistency is achieved. Also, invest in a high-quality thermometer to measure the optimal feeding temperature.

Feeding methods: We recommend a small spoon with upward-curved sides for newly hatched chicks as this promotes the natural feeding behavior of the young birds. Once the sides of the spoon come into contact with the corners of the chick's beak, it will start to "pump" to slowly take in the hand-rearing formula.  


Product specifications

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