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Aviculture has a long tradition and is one of the most emotional hobby. Successful breeding requires a lot of experience and sensitivity. We at "Your Parrot" support you in your project with valuable pellets, know-how and a fair partnership. Our extruded pellets contain all the important amino acids and minerals your birds need for the breeding season.

Our "Vital Pellets" are developed in such a way that they can make up 100% of the diet of your parrots and parakeets. However, if fresh fruits and vegetables are provided daily to add variety to the diet, we recommend that our mix should account for no less than 70-80% of the total intake. Parrots whose main diet is our "Vital Pellets" should not be given any other vitamin or mineral supplements. Please contact us for specific question sduring the breeding season.

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As a responsible breeder, you pay particular attention to the welfare of your birds - so I want to support you in this. As a family-owned german company, we know the needs of our customers very well, as we ourselves are connected to our network of breeders on a daily basis. Since 2004 we have been intensively involved in breeding and feeding parrots and parakeets.


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As a breeder, you will receive a large introductory package with free food samples with your order. We also send you regular reports from breeders from all over the world to bring you closer to new methods in bird breeding and hand feeding. You are the first to learn about further training seminars on nutrition, breeding and husbandry and you will receive support from me personally.


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From an order quantity of 10x10kg bags you will receive one bag for free (see graduation table) and benefit from the advantages of a membership with "Your Parrot" as a breeder. Be there when it comes to networking with other breeders worldwide and getting tips and tricks specially targeted to breeding and nutrition. You will also receive special conditions for our online seminars on breeding, husbandry and nutrition.


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Sample bags in 100-200g will soon be available free of charge for your order at your local distributor


Do you have any questions or would you like to order by pallet? Just write to us and we'll set you up
individual offer or connect you to our local distributor in your country.


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Our extruded pellets are different...

For several years I have been looking for suitable extrudates or pellets on the market that will take care of my parrots and parakeets from A to Z, also have no coloring and preservatives and have a high fruit and vegetable content. Unfortunately, they didn't exist...UNTIL NOW!





12.5% fruits &


Without artifical colours and

The fact that parrots inhabit such a wide range of habitats indicates that their food sources are just as diverse. One misconception about parrots & parakeets is that they are primarily seed eaters. This may be true of the first domesticated species such as the budgerigar, cockatiel or lovebird, which do quite well on seeds as part of their natural diet. But converting this feeding as a habit to all other species of parrots is not right. That's why we decided to significantly increase the proportion of fruit and vegetables in order to add variety to your birds' diet.

Many of the additives that humans offer their birds are not necessary for a balanced diet. The important exception to this is calcium. Parrots and parakeets, which are primarily seed-fed, suffer from an undetected deficiency in calcium, with the calcium content of seeds in mixtures being less than 0.1%. Calcium plays an extremely important role in breeding, Why? Since the hen needs a lot of calcium during the contraction to eject the eggs. A deficiency can therefore lead to laying difficulties or even death.

We are constantly developing our food. Standstill means backwardness. From the start, our goal has been to avoid coloring and preservatives. Nevertheless, visual stimuli are simply part of feeding parrots. Nature offers us ways to bypass chemically produced paints. Color talents are, for example, beetroot, spinach, blueberries or various seeds. Our feed has a minimum shelf life of around 12 months. In our opinion, this is completely sufficient to avoid preservatives. Your parrots will be happy to receive fresh Vital Pellets from us every day and will thank you with a healthy body and shiny feathers.

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