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Bird breeding has a long tradition and is one of the highlights of our hobby. Successful breeding requires a lot of experience and sensitivity. We at YOUR PARROT support you in your project with valuable food, know-how and a fair partnership. Our extruded pellets contain all the important amino acids and minerals your birds need for the breeding season.

Our "Vital Pellets" are developed in such a way that they can make up 100% of the diet of your parrots and parakeets. However, if fresh fruits and vegetables are provided daily to add variety to the diet, we recommend that our mix should account for no less than 70-80% of the total intake. Parrots whose main diet is our "Vital Pellets" should not be given any other vitamin or mineral supplements.



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As a responsible breeder, you pay particular attention to the welfare of your birds - so I want to support you in this. As a family-run company, we know the needs of our customers very well, as we ourselves are connected to our network of breeders on a daily basis. Since 2004 we have been intensively involved in breeding and hand feeding parrots and parakeets.


As a breeder, you will receive a large introductory package with free food samples with your order. We also offer you regular reports from breeders from all over the world in our free magazine to bring you closer to new methods in bird breeding. You are the first to learn about further training seminars on nutrition, breeding and husbandry and you will receive support from me personally.




Discounts and special offers only for breeders with a high order volume.



Test and try out our products in your local
breeding club and share experiences



Enjoy our free digital magazine and read
from breeders and their experiences around
the globe.


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